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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Want to earn free stuff by watching TV?

Want to earn free stuff simply by watching TV? Have you heard of Viggle?

Using your smart phone you can check into the TV shows you are watching to earn points. Then you can trade these points in for gift certificates and other rewards. They have the usual fare - Best Buy GC, Amazon GC, etc. But they also have rewards like a Kindle, MacBook Air, even a Royal Caribbean Cruise! And you get points regardless of what program you are watching. I get points everyday for watching the news!

Plus, everyday there are special shows that when you check in you can earn bonus points for them. These bonus shows can be found in the app or on the Viggle blog. You don't have to watch all the shows right then either. Say for example you watch Weeds on Sunday nights like I do. At 10:00 tonight there are 4 different bonus point shows on, but Weeds is not one of them. I'm going to record two of the shows and watch them after Weeds goes off. I still get my bonus points, and I get to watch Weeds :-) For most shows you have up to 24 hours to watch the recording. I haven't tried checking in to a re-air of a show, so don't know if you get the bonus points for that or not. But I love that you can record and watch later.

I've been a Viggle member for just a few days now and already have enough points for quite a few different rewards. I'm going to be good though (maybe) and save up for the Kindle! I was at first worried about my phone picking up the signal, so I was sitting my phone as close to the speakers as I could get it. But after a few failed attempts at logging in I tried it from my couch, and now it works every time! Although if you still have trouble checking in you can manually check in.

Overall it's pretty simple to use. It doesn't take a long time to check-in to a show. And if you want some shows have trivia questions that you can answer while watching your shows - earn even more points! Plus you can share your check in on Twitter and Facebook for even more points. It's so easy to earn points with this app, I LOVE it! And you can do it anywhere. I was at the coffee shop last night and got points for watching the news at the coffee shop.

The app is free and works great with my Android phone. I haven't had any issues although I do get a message that my proccessor on my phone might hinder the performance of the app. But so far no problems and I can't wait to turn my points in for something awesome! So why don't you come join me - Sign up and download the free app here.

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