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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Giveaway: Walk In Sync - Ends 7/31

My fur babies are getting better at leash walking - however a squirrel or a scent catches them and they suddenly forget everything they've learned... I would love to try one of these to see how well it works. Good Luck! I hope to see a Just Jennifer Talking Winner! 

Walk In Sync Giveaway July 18~July 31

We are so proud to welcome you to the Walk In Sync Giveaway Event 
Special thank you to Walk In Sync for sponsoring this fantastic event & co-host Book Cover Justice

Before I  let you know my experiences with Walk In Sync, please enjoy the short video by clicking here.

 Walk In Sync™ Intro Video 

click above

About Walk In Sync

Alecia Evans designed the Walk In Sync system to make the dogs and their pet humans less stressed when out walking. Since 2001, Alecia has been a professional trainer. She believed there had to be a better more humane way to train your dog to walk with you, to stop the pulling and frustration for both the dog and the dog owner.

I was a bit skeptical to try  this harness and leash combo. I have tried everything to have my dogs
walk with me and not against me. I love my dogs, Watson and Lily so much, but, it was always stressful trying to go for walks with them. Watson and Lily love to lead. They are half German Shepherd and half Golden Retrievers weighing 85 plus pounds, so, needless to say, they walked me!

I tried everything, took them to doggy behavior school where they had me first fit them with choke chains, but, they continued to pull to get to the other dogs so they could play. Wouldn't you know I had to have the class clowns! The instructor there then fitted them with the "torture" collars. I don't know what they are called professionally, but, they have rounded spikes that dig into the dogs necks...I couldn't bare hurting them to have them walk with me. I want them to enjoy walking not have pain from it.

The next thing I tried was the leash that also goes up and around the nose. Ohhhh, they didn't like that at all! In fact, it says to let them have their temper tantrum and then they will see that you are boss and they will get used to it. My dogs are more stubborn than the dogs in that video. My poor Watson would walk a little bit and then rub his nose with his paw and on the ground so much that when we got home he had a raw and tender spot on his nose.

frustrated and searching the web, I saw the Walk In sync site and decided to write to Alecia, who was kind enough to provide me with the Walk In Sync system! Thank you Sweetie.

I was so excited when they came in. I was amazed at how well made they are! I fitted them to my dogs and off we went. Lily is a fast learner. When she pulled and I stopped, she would sit down and wait, Watson was another story, he kept wanting to pull but was getting nowhere, so after about 2/3 hour of working with him, he understood!

Now, walking is fun and enjoyable for all of us. Finally a system that didn't hurt my precious companions!

Prep Steps to Walking In Sync

  1. Begin by clipping the leash to the D-ring at the chest
  2. Slide your hand closest to the dog up the Accu-grip leash to the foam handle closest to the leash clip
  3. Place your opposite hand through the loop
  4. Drop your shoulders, take a deep breath and relax and leave your hand on the 1st handle relaxed by your side

Walk In Sync™ in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Begin by walking forward with your hand remaining at your side
  2. Stop
  3. If your dog is creating tension on the leash, it is important not to relieve them of the tension. Just stand still and wait in a relaxed manner. No need to even look at your dog until it takes the pressure off the leash on its own. Once they back up to the proper position, give it a pat on its side and let him or her know what a good dog they are.

Go back to Step 1:

  1. Repeat a few times until the dog has the concept of moving or backing off of the pressure points.

One lucky winner will receive the Walk In Sync System

Giveaway ends July 31st at 11:59pm, open to US residents only, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below.

Good luck from your hosts Schmoozing With Betsy,
 and Book cover Justice !

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