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Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Self Promotion Saturday!

As a blogger I inherently have a bit of an ego. I like to talk about myself and tell you all what I think about things. In my real life though I'm kind of an introvert - it's almost like I have two personalities: online and in person. When I'm around people I'm familiar with I tend to "let go" but for the most part I keep to myself and just things be. I don't like to stand out too much and I try not to ruffle feathers in any way. Which is part of why I LOVE blogging. I get to let that extrovert part of me out and share it with people that probably would never have guessed that I have an extroverted side to me. So I'm going to start using my blog (only once a week I promise!) as a way to use my online extroverted self to promote things for myself, since I rarely will do it in a face to face situation.

Being the introvert that I am this may not seem like a good fit - but I am a PartyLite Independent Sales Consultant. I have been for almost 6 years now, so something clicks for me! Despite not wanting to stand out I do enjoy talking to people so it works. I do get very nervous before I do a show but once I get going I'm fine!

So this week I wanted to share with you a really awesome deal that is going on. If you go to my Consultant website you can snag 3 dozen tealights for only $25! Or if tealights aren't your thing you can grab 3 dozen votives for only $35! These two deals only run until July 31st. Plus there are a ton of online outlet items for sale starting at only $3.

In addition to the online specials if you host a show (Home, Online, or Catalog) you can get the Enchanted Silver Votive Lamp for only $25! This piece is gorgeous and I love how it looks against a wall in a darkened room. The shadow on the wall is so neat.

I want to issue a challenge - since I'm part of a challenge right now it's like win win :-) There are two parts to this challenge:

1) For anyone that hosts and closes an online or catalog show ($250 in sales) before July 15th I will give you a $25 gift certificate and an additional item at half-price! Check out all the hostess specials and send a request to host a show.

2) If hosting a show doesn't sound enticing (lots of free stuff! you know you want it!) I'll put anyone who places an order into a drawing for another gift certificate. The gift certificate amount will increase as more orders come in. The gift certificate will be equal to 10% of all sales from this challenge.

So there's a chance to get 2 gift certificates before July 15th!

If you'd like to keep updated on the current specials please "like" my Consultant Facebook Page. I have a weekly fan of the week drawing and offer other specials and challenges there.

Thanks for reading and I hope to do business with you soon!

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