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Monday, July 9, 2012

Possible Blogger Opp? Are you interested!

I already run a weekly coupon envelope giveaway here. But I was thinking of "expanding" it to include other bloggers. And I'm trying to see what kind of interest there would be.

Here's what I'm thinking: 

I'm thinking every week we offer one full set of inserts from that week's paper. Since I already purchase 1 paper for my current weekly giveaway I'll continue to purchase that one, but instead of just being for my giveaway it will be for this "joint" giveaway. As more bloggers are added to the mix more sets of inserts will be added as prizes.

Links will only be $0.10 a piece. There will be no restriction on the number of links a blogger can purchase - and they can be for anything, except Google +, even though many people do it it's actually against Google's rules to require a "follow" or a 1+ for a giveaway - Facebook's rule actually does not prohibit this (there's a loophole). If you have a giveaway you want to promote, need Klout, votes on Picket Fence, Pageviews, whatever you want to link to!

The giveaway will start at 1 set of inserts a week. For each 40 links 1 additional set of inserts will be added for that week:
40 - 79 links - 2 sets of inserts
80 - 119 links - 3 sets of inserts
and so on...

The giveaway will run Tuesday through Monday every week with the inserts from the previous Sunday's paper (the 17th's giveaway is for the inserts from the 15th's paper). If there are no inserts for the week - I have TONS of coupons and I can fill an envelope easily! Links must be paid for by the Saturday before the giveaway for that week. If you want to pay for 4 weeks of links at once I will give you the 5th week for free - i.e. you pay $0.40 for a Facbook link you get that link for 5 weeks. Once there are a bunch of bloggers and the rafflecopter is too long I'll start taking bids to be a co-host and host a links page for a month.

I will put together the Rafflecopter and html on Sunday's and then email them out Sunday night. I do post winner's in my rafflecopters (when it plays nice) but I'll also include the winner's name in the weekly email.

If you pay for multiple weeks I will keep track of how many weeks and when they are up and I will email you to see if you want to continue or not.

What do you think? Is this something you would be interested in? If I can get 5 bloggers that want to do this I will start it next week (payments due on 7/14 for 7/17 giveaway start).

Let me know if you're interested. Please fill out this quick Google form to let me know. This is just to see if there is interest. If enough people are interested I will create a sign-up sheet for the actual giveaways.

I know this is kind of a lot of information and isn't a normal giveaway sign up - so if you have any questions please ask (There's a box for questions on the google form).

Thanks for looking!

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