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Monday, December 15, 2008

My Girls

Here are my Girls!!!
This is Flo (short for Flower) she's an Australian Sheep Herder... I've never heard of one till I meet Computer Guy, she's really his dog but I love her just the same. She was abused before Computer Guy got her so she's VERY territorial and it takes her a long time to warm up to someone. There's days when she's still skiddish and she hides whenever I run the vacum or if there are any loud noises (other than a door, then she barks like crazy). But for the most part I think her horrible past is mostly forgotten. She talks too, she can say "I Love You" and she's pretty good at it.

And my pretty baby Ray Ray (Raven). She's spoiled and she's cute and what's worse is that she knows it... She's a mixed breed. The lady I got her from said that she's Miniature Dachshund and Manchester Terrier (Mini Pincher) but I'm certain that she's also got some Corgi in her. Whatever she is she's my baby. I think she looks like Yoda, a Vietnamese potbelly pig, a bear and a penguin all rolled into one.

Computer Guys legs are in the background. As is the beautiful paint job I did when we moved in. I LOVE that color. It looks so good with our bedroom set.

Some of my knitting

Ok here are some of the pictures that I have right now. After looking at some of them I think I need to leave the photography to Wylie.... I'm not any good at it.The blanket for my Grandpa. My Grandmother crocheted all of the granny squares before she passed, I'm just connecting them toghter.
This is my Lady Elanor. I LOVE this, I wear it as a scarf all of the time!!!
This scarf I made for my sister, but after I decided to make her something from my Grandma's yarn I think I'm going to keep it. It's made out of fun fur and TLC Macaroon.
The scarf pictured here I wouldn't recommend to any knitter... LOL It wasn't that bad it just took forever. It's knit using Red Heart Super Saver Yarn on size 7 needles, and it was 114 stitches across........
Plus Computer Guy wanted it to be really long and wide so that made it even more of a task. It took me over a year because I would start working on it and get frustrated and set it aside for a few weeks (or months). But I'm glad I finished it, I think it looks really good.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ok, I should be doing homework right now, but I can't keep my mind focused.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, LOTS of reading. In the last month I've finished:
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
The Way I am by Eminem
Nights of Rain and Stars by Maeve Binchy
Goodbye Picasso by David Douglas Duncan

They were all fairly decent books, you can read my reviews here: Goodreads

That doesn't count the knitting books that I've also been able to get my hands on.

I've also been going crazy on PaperbackSwap.com I've requested like 4 books over the weekend. Hopefully I'll get them this week. Oh BTW if you want to join PaperbackSwap.com please list me as your referral my screen name is: JennMarie68

I think that site is great. I've got a huge list of books that I want, and it seems to keep growing. So far I don't have a lot listed. I did just find out where my Friends of the Library book sale is so the next sale date (in January) I should have some more things to post. After I read them of course.

I've been doing a lot of Christmas Knitting also. I just finished a doily for my cousin, but I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it.... I got all the pieces of my stuffed animals done now I just need to get the fiber fill and put them together. Then I'm getting closer to being done with Grandpa's lap blanket. I also started working on the scarfs for the women in my family. Hopefully they won't take too long and I'll be able to get the hats for the men done before Christmas... (There's only 11 days, but I'll stay hopeful!!!)

I got a Christmas present from my mom last week. I finally got a set of Knit Picks interchangeable needles. So far I LOVE them. Other than my size 11 needle had something in it, that prevented it from being put on the cables, I've had no problems. And they sent me out a replacement so I should be getting it soon. I really don't need the 11's right now so I don't see that it will cause a problem. I also got a chart keeper, which is already come in very handy. I think I'm going to use that more than I thought I would. I need to get some stronger magnets though, if I jostle the holder too much the magnets move. But I think a trip to the dollar store will fix that.

I made a scarf for my sister and then realized that I was going to make her a scarf with my Grandma's yarn so I think I'm going to keep it. It turned out a lot nicer than I thought it would. I just used some fun fur and some TLC Macaroon (that I've had forever, it was part of my first ever yarn splurge).

I'm going to try and take pictures tonight of some of the recent stuff that I've finished. So there may be a second post tonight... But I guess I have to get back to doing my homework