While some of the products I review on my site are furnished for the purpose of review all of my reviews are truthful, honest, and my sincere opinion.

Earning Free Stuff

I LOVE free stuff. And since I love my readers too I want to share with you ways to get free stuff. If the site isn't free to sign up with I'll let you know, but most of the sites I use are free and are so easy to use. Please check them out :-)

SwagBucks - This one is so simple, you just sign up and start searching the internet. I earn $5 amazon gift cards every few months. They also offer great shopping deals and you can earn more points for shopping through their links. It's free to sign up and it really is super easy! I've gotten over $100 in amazon gift certificates from them!
Search & Win

Crowd Tap - CrowdTap lets you answer Quick Hit questions to earn points really fast. Then there are missions you can join and they'll send you products to try (I'm waiting to hear if I'm eligible for a mission to see a movie for free!) You can use your points to earn free stuff - I'm going for the Amazon gift cards here. But they have other things too. You can see all my awesome CrowdTap missions here.


SuperPoints - I just click on my email everyday and then click on the superpoints button and I get points. They'll also send you surveys on occasion that will earn you points also. Like with most of these sites the amazon gift certificates are the cheapest, but I use my points for PayPal cash! So far I've earned $10 with this one! Click Here to Join Superpoints

Smiley360.com - This again is one I'm new to but I already have a few full size products that I've been able to review!!! The premise with Smiley360 is that you use social networking to tell your friends about the products Smiley360 sends you to use. You sign up for missions and then use their tools to earn points to complete the mission. They give you links to earn points through Facebook and Twitter,  you can also earn points for telling people about the products that you've tried face-to-face. The start-up mission was so easy. I had my points for it in just two days. Within two days I had two mission invitations. And there are more great surveys in the works! This one you don't get paid for, but getting free stuff is just as awesome :-)

SendEarnings - I've been with SendEarnings for quite a while. Everyday I get 2-5 emails with special offers. For each email I open and click on I get 2 cents. Each offer tells you how much you'll earn. Once you've earned $30 you can request a check. I don't really do many of the offers, but they do have tasks that you can complete to earn more money. I've gotten a few checks from them and most of that money has come simply from opening my emails.

Checkpoints - Checkpoints is a little different then the rest of these sites. It's an app for your phone. You basically just use your phone as a scanner - at home and at the store. The app will direct you to what products they are looking for you to scan and when you find it at the store you scan it with your camera and earn points. The points can be used to earn awesome prizes, they also have gift certificates but right now one of the rewards is a Hermes Handbag! How awesome is that?!? You can earn points for also downloading other apps, and playing their games (Scratch-off and slots). The opportunities are almost endless with this one. You can check out the site above for more information, but to sign up you have to download the app to your phone.

If you do sign up please use the bonus code: jennmarie

No More Rack - This site is a shopping site. Everyday they have 8 deals. Shipping is just $2 per item. There are free deals quite often (you just pay the shipping). They also have "stores" you can shop in that are only open for a few days at a time. These stores usually have some really unique products. And you can earn great free products by having your friends sign up too. I've placed a few orders from them so far and haven't had any issues. The shipping can take a little while (a few weeks) but the deals are so worth it. I got two purses, each for less than $25, a new ped egg (mine is pretty old and has seen it's better days) for $4, and a cute cuff bracelet for FREE!. Can't beat those deals. So check them out. They've got pretty good stuff!