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Friday, June 1, 2012

My Awesome CrowdTap Missions

CrowdTap has a ton of missions to sign up for! It's an easy program. I was already accepted for a mission to go see a free movie (unfortunately I can't make it). But I'm up for a few other things - and of course I will be sharing if I get in :-) Sign up for CrowdTap too and see the awesome missions that are available.

Here are my current missions - I'll keep updating this post regularly with the awesome missions I'm on :-) Please click on the links - The more clicks I get (you don't have to sign up, just click and vote thumbs up at the top) the better chance I'll have of getting future missions to share with you :-)

Old Navy - Neat video, makes me want some new flip flops now :-)

Verizon Wireless - Click here to find out how you can win a Lucid by LG thanks to Verizon Wireless!

Old Navy - Did you know Old Navy has a Pinterest board? I think I see some new pins coming soon :-)

Woolite - Woolite won an Effie award for their "Don't Torture Your Clothes" ads check them out!

Old Navy - Jordan Knight sings the Old Navy Summer catalog. It's too funny!

Old Navy - $1 flip flops on 6/30 - don't miss out!


Thanks everyone for looking and clicking - you guys are awesome :-)


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