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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Can you help this beautiful mama?

I want to introduce you to Mama Cora.

She was given up by her human when the rescue team showed up and explained to him that the babies she was carrying would require a lot of work. A friend of mine is fostering this Mama and guess who came along  this Wednesday? Mama's 10 babies!!! 

Aren't they adorable? I just want to hug and love them all - but my fur babies would so not be happy with 10 new additions, let alone 1... They don't even like when other babies walk on our sidewalk! The group that is responsible for Mama Cora's fostering does a great job of placing all their animals - so I'm sure they'll get enough loving where ever they end up. But in the meantime do you know how much it costs to take care of 1 puppy? Multiply that by 10 - plus mama who has heart worm. That's a lot of $ for these foster mamas and papas to come up with.
So I'm asking you to help! They are using ChipIn to help raise money for the care of Mama and the babies. The donations are made through PayPal. You can print a receipt if you need it for tax purposes.

Every little bit will help keep these beautiful animals alive and healthy! If you can only spare $1 that's $1 more than Mama Cora had before.

I donated the other day, but I think I'm going to be making another donation soon! I'm not asking you to do anything I wouldn't do.

Let's get Mama Cora and her babies the help they need. If you can spare it I appreciate it. If not I understand, I've been there more than once in my life!!!!


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