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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Could you do it?

I came across this article the other day and I've been trying to figure out if I could be screen free for an hour.


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There's lots of times when I'm reading that I'm not actively using a screen, but even then I'm usually sitting in a room with a TV on. Even though I'm not actively watching it I still don't consider that being screen free. And then I read in bed, but I've found it's easier for me to read on my nook when I'm in bed, so again not screen free.

It's amazing to me how much I rely on a screen for input into my life. I'm probably a little above average though. I go to school online, I run as much of my PartyLite business online as I can, I run three blogs, I'm a video gamer, I'm always searching for new knitting patterns online, and I love to read book reviews online. So even when I'm pursing an activity that doesn't require a screen I'm usually using a screen to at least get the task going. Even when I'm riding my bike I'm checking my heart rate on the screen of my watch and changing music on the screen of my iPad. The only time I'm truly screen free is when I'm sleeping - and only because we decided not to put a TV in our bedroom when we moved.

Screen are so abundant now I'm trying to think of a time when most people would be able to be screen free. Even in your car now most people have a GPS or some sort of screen in the dashboard. I think that the bathroom is the only screen free room in most houses now (and even then I've seen TV in the walls above tubs.)

When did this happen? As a kid I watched TV and we were lucky enough to have a computer when I was young - my grandpa was on the cutting edge and would give us his "discards". But I could go all day and not watch TV or sit in front of the computer. I think as a teenager was when my "dependence" on screens started. That's when I got a TV for my bedroom, and we had to have a computer for homework in school. But again, even then we spent a lot of time doing other things, and our TVs were off during the day. Now, even when I'm having a busy day and don't sit in front of the computer I'm still tied to a screen. My sister's wedding was last weekend and I barely had time to breath, but I still had time to check updates on Facebook, play my game on my phone, look at pictures of how I wanted to get my hair done on Pinterest - all using my phone... Screens really are everywhere now!

So can you do it? Can you go an hour without a using a screen? What about a whole day? And not just your TV or computer... No phone, no tablet, no GPS, no screen of any kind. While I want to say yes, I don't know if I truly could.

Let me know how you go screen free!

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