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Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: Snuggle Exhilarations White Lilac & Spring Flowers

I got a FULL size bottle of Snuggle Exhilarations to try for free from Smiley360!
I loved the smell of this product. It had a bit more of a citrus scent than a flower smell, but it was still great!

I also like how well it works. I used this when I washed my sheets the other day and after three days of use I can still smell the fabric softener. That's with me, my boyfriend, and both dogs using the bed. Usually I can't smell the fabric softener after one night, so being able to smell it after three is nice. The beautiful smell makes my bed feel more comfortable somehow...

The other thing that I loved about this Snuggle is that my hair didn't look like I stuck my finger in an electrical outlet when I pulled my shirt on this morning. With winter in Michigan getting ready to rear it's ugly head my hair is in freak out mode. And getting dressed always makes it go frizzy. But not this morning! It was awesome.

Now I have to admit that I haven't used Snuggle in a very long time. The bear gives me the hebbie jebbies... But I may just have to start buying this again. I wish there was a perfume that smelled like this, I love the smell that much!

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