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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Smiley360 and Free red box! What could be better than that?

I told you guys about Smiley360 a few weeks ago. So far I've been able to test a FULL SIZE bottle of Snuggle Fabric Softner, I'm getting a neti pot soon, and now I'm getting a free rental from red box! All just for sharing with you about what I'm trying out. It's so simple, I LOVE it! So here's the red box promotion that I want to tell you guys about.

Redbox is hosting 12 Days of Deals & Prizes and offering daily prizes from December 13 thru December 24. Text FUN to 727272 for instant savings of 25 cents - $1 off of your movie and game rentals, as well as a chance to be entered to win a daily prize from Redbox. Each day, a random drawing will select a winner with top prizes from Sony, Wii, Barnes & Noble, Activision and more.

For more information about the red box promotion you can click here.

You can sign up for smiley360 and get products to test for yourself here for free!

I love this site!
I need ten clicks if you are so inclined to find out what this red box promotion is all about. So thank you in advance, and I hope you get to try some great free products too!

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