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Monday, January 2, 2012

Review: Arm & Hammer Neti Pot

I'm working on another great Smiley360 Mission! This time I got to try an Arm & Hammer Neti Pot for free!

I need to reiterate that this was my personal experience with the neti pot. My opinion and experience is by no means intended to act as medical advise or diagnosis. So please do your own research and speak to a medical professional before using any products that I have reviewed.

I've used the neti pot twice now, and I LOVE it. I wish that when I'd heard people talking about them a couple of years ago that I would have tried it then. But I guess live and learn right? My biggest hang up with the neti pot isn't how it's used, as I had no idea how they worked, but my issue was that I didn't know where to find one. A few years ago it wasn't commonplace to walk into the drug store and find one on the shelf. But thanks to Arm & Hammer they are easy to find, and now that I've got mine I am seeing them everywhere...

It feels weird to use the neti pot. But it doesn't hurt and it's not uncomfortable. I felt a bit of pressure in my sinuses and I wanted to swallow. But I just kept breathing through my mouth and I made it through the first time. The difference was amazing! I couldn't believe how clear my sinuses felt. I'm a smoker and I feel like I'm stuffed up all the time, so to have clear sinuses is a great feeling for me. It's amazing what you get used too!!!

But I know there are people who are still a bit leary about using the neti pot. So here's a link to Arm & Hammer's website that gives more information about using the neti pot: Arm & Hammer Neti Pot.There's a video on how to use the neti pot along with a fact sheet about the neti pot. After watching the video I was ready to get my hands on mine.

So now that I've used the neti pot I'm not sure how I've lived without it. And I have to thank Smiley360 for another great mission! You can sign up to try products for free too. Just visit Smiley360 and sign up. It's free, and they've posted that they're working on some more great missions! So I can't wait to see what great products I get to try out next!

You can help me complete my mission by clicking here! Thanks!

PS I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start :-)

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