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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok, It's Me!

Well, it's late like it normally is when I get a harebrained idea (like starting my own blog). But alas, here I am, I took all the time to set this up so I'll do something with it (At least for tonight).

First a little about me. I'm into everything don't believe me?

1) Knitting
2) Video Games (Especially the Sims and Spore)
3) Reading
4) Cooking (On Occasion)
5) Watching Movies (I'm addicted to Netflix)
6) Trying to sell PartyLite
7) Sitting around doing nothing
8) Listening to Music

****See, I warned you it's a lot.****

So when I'm not trying to figure out what I want to waste time doing I'm sitting at home with my boyfriend (we'll call him Computer Man) and our beautiful dogs Flo (Short for Flower, like the skunk on Bambi) and Ray-Ray (short for Raven). I'll post pictures someday. Or I'm doing homework. I am currently going to University of Phoenix online for an Associates in Business. When I finish with that in September '09 I'm going to go into a Bachelors of Retail Management. At least that's the goal right now. And someday I'd like to own my own business. We'll just have to see.

Now given my vast set of interests what on earth am I going to blog about? Will anyone even read it?

1) I'm going to blog about whatever is on my mind. See above list and add all sorts of randomness, cause I'm like that.
2) Probably no one but my mom, but I'm ok with that :-) I love my mommy.

So now that my brain is loosing focus, and the myriad of brilliant things that I wanted to say just aren't as brilliant when I type them out I'm going to leave this one for now. Tomorrow maybe I'll post lots of pics. I like pictures.

So to anyone reading this, that isn't my mother, Hello, glad you're here. To my mother, I love you :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, Jen, I will be reading your blog!! Make sure to make posts about progress on your knitting and add Ravely site to your blog! Need pics of the animals for sure.